Triple T

Hello, I am back.  I was at school.

Now that that’s been taken care of here’s a review:

Today, I came back home for the first time since school has started.  I usually come back at least once before Fall Break, but I didn’t so this is my first time I’ve been home (sorry mom.)

I wanted tacos so I got tacos.  But of course, I can’t just get plain ole Tex-Mex tacos if I’m going to write about it here, so my mom and I went out to get some authentic tacos, ooh ahh.  We went to La Divina Mexican Store because as far as I know, it’s the best place in Buffalo to get authentic tacos.  Plus, they have a toppings bar with toppings that you would actually put on Mexican tacos, like chopped onions and cilantro.  This place is also good for this type of review because they offer a variety of different meats you can put on your taco.

After briefly looking over the menu, because it doesn’t really matter what the menu actually has for this situation, I asked the girl at the counter which tacos were ordered the least frequently, and as I had expected, she said the tripe and the tongue.

Tripe & Tongue Tacos: Triple T

My mom said I must take after my grandmother in having the guts (pun intended) to eat them because whenever she saw them at the store, she’d get grossed out, but my grandma would eat them like no big deal.  Other parts of animals as food has never really grossed me out (sorry vegans.)

Initially, I was unsure which meat was which.  I figured the little cubes with the little fuzzies on them was the tongue.  After examination of the other, I saw that it looked like little tubes, so I came to the conclusion I knew which was which.

I tried the tripe on its own before in the taco to get a sense of what it should be like.  I was under the impression that intestines were supposed to be chewy, so I was surprised when I discovered that it was very soft and squishy – both the inside and the outside.  I liked it, though – very mild and pleasant.  I tend to put a ton of onions on my tacos, though, so it was somewhat masked underneath that.

Then I tried the tongue.  My tongue tasted that tongue.  Weird.  My tongue immediately sent a message to my brain telling me that it tasted similar to something that my grandma used to cook, but I couldn’t figure out what.  I made my mom try it and she agreed that it tasted like a seasoning that she used.  Neither of us are sure what, though.  She also pointed out that it had a lot of nutmeg flavor in it, which made sense because I definitely  preferred the tripe to this one because I’m not a fan of nutmeg.  The same reason why I wasn’t really a fan of the moussaka .


The tortillas at this place are the bomb, for real.  You can tell they make ’em fresh there.  They’re almost fluffy if a corn tortilla can be fluffy, which I’d say is almost a contradiction considering tortillas are made to be as flat as possible.  Whatever, they’re magical.


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