About the Menu

Many restaurants have pretty extensive menus.  With that said, it’s a good guess that not all menu items are equally popular.  Many restaurants have items that they are well known for, too.  The goal of this blog is to find a restaurant’s least popular item or “hidden treasure” and try it out.  When I say “least popular item,” I don’t mean the most disgusting thing on the menu.  I mean the item that is ordered the least often out of everything on the entire menu.  If my server doesn’t know what the least popular item is, or can’t check, I’ll ask what the restaurant’s “hidden treasure” is.  By that, I mean a menu item that my server thinks should be ordered more often.  I’ll try whatever my server tells me and I’ll find out whether this “secret” menu item should be more popular, or if it’s unpopular for a good reason.  I’m hoping to find some hidden treasures and attract some new business from new or old customers to try something new!