Jungle Juicery


Bonus, special edition end of online class post!

I am here at the Scotch ‘n Sirloin back in Buffalo. I work here sometimes, so I couldn’t review the food without having a bias. I just came for their bomb salad bar and drinks, so this post is a special edition review of drinks.

I am an even more inexperienced alcohol reviewer, since I just turned 21 this year, so, since I am a good American citizen, I have never had a drop of alcohol before my birthday this year. But since I’m not getting graded on this blog anymore I figured I could include some adult drinks.

Ah-ha! Were you fooled? This blog was all a ruse! I am only writing this because I was forced to for a grade! It was all a lie! But not really because I actually like doing this…

Anyway, back to the drinks.

As I arrived at The Scotch (that’s the colloquial term the employees call the place,) i asked one of my coworkers what the least ordered drink was and after some deliberation, she referred me to the Sazer-Action Jackson, which is described as “a classic with a mellow twist. Remy Martin, Angostura & Peychaud’s bitters, Absinthe rinse, sugar.” I got my drink and it looked like the kind of drink an old, rich man would drink as he sits by his fireplace in his plush robe while smoking a pipe; very refined. However, I am not a refined, rich old man. I am a young college student. Not my cup of tea…alcohol?


After having finished my custom salad, which was delicious as always, i ordered a different drink. A custom salad can only go along with a custom drink. So, I asked my coworker/the bartender to make me her version of jungle juice, since I’m missing the college party life I am most definitely a part of… She is obviously part of the college party scene, too, because she didn’t know what jungle juice was. But she definitely has a knack for channeling her inner college party host because her version of jungle juice, which she titled “The Cherry Yo-Yo,” is delicious. It contained orange juice, pineapple juice, Absolut Citron, cranberry juice, Parrot Bay Passionfruit Rum, and Dekuyper Strawberry Pucker. Or as my other coworker described it, “juice and fun stuff.”


So, I guess I am starting a secret menu for this special drink. If you want the Cherry Yo-Yo, make sure Dana is tending the bar, or else no one will know what you are talking about.


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