Has the Embargo Been Lifted Yet?

Me gustaría comer este cuando estoy borracha, pero, desafortunadamente el restaurante se cierra a las 7 en la noche.

I figured that I would begin my first review, which is of an authentic Cuban restaurant with some español.  My apologies if my Spanish isn’t perfect, but after all, Spanish is only my minor.  So, if you don’t speak Spanish, Google Translate is your friend.  I translated it back to English there, so it should make sense to you gringos reading this.   Anyway, on to the review.

I am in Jamestown, NY for the summer because I am interning at the Lucy-Desi Museum & National Comedy Center.  So, for an homage to Desi Arnaz’s culture, I decided to try out Havana Café and Pizzeria as my first review.  The trip for the review was my second time trying out the place, so I’m not technically a regular (yet,) but the owner, Ruben, did recognize me, so that made me feel special.  I asked him what the least ordered item on the menu was and he told me it was the croqueta de jamón sandwich.  Since it’s an unusual question to ask, he kept reassuring me that it was a good sandwich.  He also told me that people only order it once or twice each day, compared to the classic Cuban sandwich, which is much more popular.

The croqueta de jamón sandwich consists of Cuban-style deli ham, Swiss cheese, mayo, and of course, the main ingredient and namesake, croquetas de jamón, which is all pressed between a roll.  As you can probably assume, croqueta is the Spanish version/Word for the American/English/French (¿??) version of a croquette, which consists of chopped meat, cheese, or potatoes and is then breaded and fried.

Ruben wasn’t wrong.  The sandwich was indeed tasty.  There is a lot less going on than there was in the Cuban sandwich since it was a Little hard to taste everything in that sandwich.  The croquetas give the sandwich a more interesting texture than your typical ham and cheese sandwich.  But it is a heavy sandwich.  Since it contains an array of fatty elements, it’s probably not the best sandwich to eat on your work lunch break, since it makes you a little sluggish afterward, and since I don’t get paid to be an intern, it makes it a Little harder to do my work.  Not complaining!  Just saying…

This menu item is definitely worthy of more than one or two sales per day.  I know one of my coworkers said that whenever he goes there all he ever gets is the Cuban sandwich.  I’m sure many other patrons of Havana Cafe are similar.  The cafe has a whole menu to select from.  I don’t know what these people are afraid of.  It’s all good.


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  1. As someone who loves to try out new and different foods I really liked this topic! And as a student at Fredonia this place isn’t very far from me! I’m always looking for different foods I haven’t had yet.


    1. Abby says:

      Before I moved here for the summer, i didnt realize how much of a hidden treasure Jamestown is as far as food goes. A lot more diverse than Fredonia’s selection.


  2. This looks really great!


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